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The Cerulean Airship – Book 1

Building Her Majesty’s new airship for the Engineers World Gathering is no small matter. Especially when a groundbreaking discovery is at stake, and dark secrets are lurking in the shadows.
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The Cerulean Airship – Book 2

Jasper’s work on his new airship is anything but smooth. And when an outstanding rival project appears from the other side of the world, his efforts border the impossible.
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The Cerulean Airship – Book 3

In a race against time, Edmund Asher, Earl of Wyverstone and spymaster extraordinaire, has only one choice – to win.
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The Prodigal Twin

Jade Kendall Asher has never been an easy man to deal with. But when he starts disappearing for days on end, his brothers wonder about his mysterious escapades - and his ability to fulfil his duty as an officer in Her Majesty’s Safety Corps.

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I write about the worlds I daydream of. Which are usually steampunk and historical realms with a strong flavour of Victorian aesthetics, a pinch of adventure, and a dash of mystery.