Book 2 of The Cerulean Airship Series

Release date: winter 2021


Jasper’s work on his new airship is anything but smooth. And when an outstanding rival project appears from the other side of the world, his efforts border the impossible.

With the Engineers Order’s approval and an unexpected addition to the team to help them, airship engineer Jasper Kendall Asher and aeronaut Ivy Blackwell are ready to see their airship come to life. Or so they think – until a series of unsettling newspaper articles make their workers quit one by one.

To make matters worse, a powerful contender for the title of England’s representative to the Engineers World Gathering not only challenges their project, but also throws Ivy and her airship into an unwanted race against time from London to the Australian colonies and back. When unforeseen events change the journey’s course, relationships and loyalties are put to test.

With scarce resources and only a few months left until the most anticipated engineering event in the world, Jasper must find a way to protect his work and his place at the Gathering. Opening a case with Her Majesty’s Office of Classified Affairs seems a good idea for this purpose. So long as he follows the right trail…


Laevium (Book 1) – Available now from most major online bookstores

Caelium (Book 3) – TBR: Winter 2022

Engineerium – Teaser Chapter

Chapter 1 of Engineerium (full blurb here), Book Two of The Cerulean Airship steampunk series. The adventure in Laevium continues with new characters and a new intrigue… Release date: winter 2021-2022 Chapter I London, September 1895 “Can’t you at least try walking a little faster? We are almost there!”      The jarring sound of the horn announcing a new ship in […]

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