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Newsletter launch & free steampunk novella

Newsletter Launch

In May I’ll finally launch my author newsletter. It took me a while, but better later than never, I guess (since the second book of my steampunk trilogy The Cerulean Airship will be out this spring/early summer, it was a good motivation to stop procrastinating and do the thing). So, what this newsletter is about? But first I should stress what it is not: spam. I hate spam, I hate receiving spam emails, so I won’t be sending such thing.

It will be a monthly newsletter (of course, so long as I have something to say) and will consist mainly of news and updates about my writing projects, book recommendations (my personal favourites), bits of my research (mainly Victorian and steampunk), behind the scenes materials (like little things that inspired me and crept into my books), and stuff like that.

Of course, I also have a little welcome gift, and that is…

The Prodigal Twin

This novella, which is free to download for my newsletter subscribers, is a prequel of my Cerulean Airship series that introduces some of the main characters in the first book (Laevium). It can be read equally by those who have already read Laevium, and by those who didn’t and want to have a glimpse of my writing (also, the order doesn’t matter), as it offers some more context for some events in the first book without giving spoilers. I particularly loved writing this story (because of a certain character who did not get too much stage time in the first book), which I hope will be an enjoyable read 🙂

I'm an indie author, translation industry professional, and former magazine editor, with a passion for steampunk, cyberpunk, and historical fiction. My debut novel Laevium, a steampunk story set in Neo-Victorian London, is available from most major online bookstores.

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  • Edgar T Williams

    When could one expect to see Engineerium & Caelium in book form, please!

    • Ruxandra

      Hi and thank you for asking! Engineerium is completed and currently waiting for the cover. I’ll announce the exact date when I’ll make the cover reveal (soon). As for Caelium, it’s halfway done, and hopefully it will be out in the world around the end of the year and the beginning of 2023.

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